vrijdag 9 november 2007

Finnish 'YouTube killer' was bullied at school

The Finnish teenager who shot and killed 8 people in southern Finland was bullied at school. Investigators said Auvinen he planned to cause maximum bloodshed when he opened fire with a pistol at Jokela High School on Wednesday morning, killing the headmistress, a nurse and six fellow pupils. Auvinen planned his massacre on Youtube. Showing what weapons he would you and ho he would execute it. After eight casualties Auvinen shot himself through the head and died hours later in the hospital.

My opinion

It is very sad what happened. This shooting in schools is getting the last couple of years too common. I can’t even realize why people c haven’t seen his video on Youtube. This would probably would save the lives of the people who died in this massacre. I think that this kind of crime is inevitable. Because you never know when this will happen or if this will happen in your old school. But I think that this crime could have been prevented.


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kamal zei

I think also, It is a very bad news to hear something about This kind behaviour of this tenager. I don't know what's the matter with this world in this time. people follow no more rules. Who is responisible for this kind of shooting at schools? Teenagers are not responisble because they have no knowledge what they do.